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Disney's Epcot Center

Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.

Copyright - The Walt Disney CompanyProbably the second most popular of the Disney Theme Parks is Epcot Center. Here, there's a little of something for everyone. Kind of reminds us of a 'living encyclopedia of knowledge and human experience' ranging from the agricultural, to life in the oceans, to technology to the history and cultures of the World. As a dream of Walt Disney himself, it was Walt's dream to have a playground for Adults as well as children. And there you have it - Epcot Center. A fascinating complex of rides, technology and educational exhibits.

For the thrill seekers,' Disney's 'Test Track' is definitely worth your attention as well Epcot's newest ride - 'Mission Space.'

Future World

Epcot Center is divided into two sections, both about of equal size. The first section you enter is themed around technology and is referred to as 'Future World,' and this is where most of the rides can be found. You'll find ATT's 'Space Ship Earth' (leisurely ride) housed inside the giant globe like ball that has long become Epcot's trademark. And further along, you'll find Exxon's 'Ellen's Energy Adventure' (leisurely ride), a fascinating and comical glimpse of how energy effects our everyday lives. In it is also in this section that you'll find Epcot's most popular thrill rides: GM's (General Motors) 'Test Track' and Disney's newest Attraction - 'Mission Space.'

Other highlights of this area include:

Body Wars - A flight simulator-type ride that takes you through the human body on a journey you won't soon forget! Note: If you're expecting something more leisurely, this ride will not be for you. But there are many fascinating 'interactive' exhibits that can be found here, and it's well worth the visit...

The Living Seas - Descend into the depths of the Ocean as you visit 'Sea Base Alpha' where you're suddenly surrounded with fascinating exhibits as well as sharks, sea turtles, manatees, manta rays and dolphins (leisurely ride).

Living with the Land - A very unique and informative experience awaits you here as you take a leisurely boat ride through the dramatic backdrops of America's agricultural heartland while also viewing the 'cutting edge' technologies used in modern day agricultural use.

Journey Into Your Imagination - Always one of our favorites. Take a journey through the 'Imagination Institute' with 'Figment' and his friends (Leisurely ride). After your journey, make sure you give the kids some time to play with all the neat gadgets that follow your adventure!


There are actually several to choose from here (and many 'live' ones 'on going' in the 'World Showcase' - the next part of your journey), but of most noteworthy attention is probably the 'Honey I shrunk the Audience,' a 3-D 'Special Effects' show based on the popular movie: 'Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.'

World Showcase

Note: Generally opens 2 hours after 'Future World.'

The second section is located towards the back of the Park and is referred to as the 'World Showcase,' which just like the name implies, showcases many of the countries and cultures from around the World - Mexico, Norway, Germany, Britain, France, Japan, Canada and the United States just to mention a few. Most, if not all, are manned by representatives from each respective Country. There's few rides to be found in this section of the Park, and as you enter it, on your immediate left you'll find the Mexico Pavilion which does house a boat ride which is themed around the history and culture of Mexico. If you enjoyed the boat ride at 'It's a Small World' at Magic Kingdom (and most do), you'll also enjoy this ride. Of other noteworthy mention is the boat ride housed in the Norway Pavilion, which is also located just several doors down.

For those of you who like 'historical artifacts,' the Japan Pavilion might be a good choice for you. And for those who might enjoy a 360 degree 'breathtaking' panorama. You should definitely put both the China and Canada Pavilions on your list of things to do...

An educational experience awaits you at Epcot, but all within a Theme Park environment. In fact, many of the Orlando area schools use it as one of their planned field trips for their students each year.

We've always found 'Epcot Center' not only to be educational, but also to be an enjoyable day no matter what age group you are...

Take your time here... Browse and learn. there's just enough to keep the kids interested and more than enough input for adults.

Time Needed to Visit: Allow 1-Day maybe 2 if you want to visit all the World Showcase exhibits

Minimum Height Requirements:

44" (1.12 Meters) or taller: Mission Space

40" (1.02 Meters) or taller: Body Wars, Test Track





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  News EPCOT Facts

EPCOT is named after Walt Disney's dream to build an 'Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow ' - a place where people and American industry could work together for the benefit of all mankind.

EPCOT opened it's doors in 1982

The EPCOT Dedication Plaque reads -
“To all who come to this place of joy, hope and friendship, welcome…”


Parking Fees

Parking fees are not included in your admission. Figure on at least $14.00 per day at the Major Theme Parks of Disney such as Disney's Magic Kingdom, Disney's Epcot Center, Disney Studios and Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Parking is FREE if you're going to any one of the following Disney Attractions: Disney Quest, Pleasure Island, Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, Disney's Wide World of Sports.

Parking is also provided FREE at Downtown Disney...