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Parking Fees

Parking fees are not included in your admission. Figure on at least $14.00 per day at the Major Theme Parks of Disney such as Disney's Magic Kingdom, Disney's Epcot Center, Disney Studios and Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Parking is FREE if you're going to any one of the following Disney Attractions: Disney Quest, Pleasure Island, Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, Disney's Wide World of Sports.

Parking is also provided FREE at Downtown Disney...


Disney Studios

Movie magic explained and experienced.

Copyright - The Walt Disney CompanyAs the third Theme Park that Disney added after it's completion of both Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center, Disney's Studios has long received mixed reviews over the years - but this is gradually changing as they continue to add newer and exciting 'thrill rides' to accommodate both the young and young at heart a like. Among these, without doubt, are Disney's 'The Twilight Zone's Tower of Terror' and the 'Aerosmith Rock N' Roll Roller Coaster.'

Both are great rides at the Disney Studios, and you'll probably end up riding them at least twice if 'thrills' are what you're seeking...

The 'Twilight Zone's Tower of Terror' is among one of the Disney Studios masterpieces, which is themed after an elevator ride in an abandoned and haunted hotel. Mostly set in the dark, you'll fall first 13 stories 'free fall,' then soar back up again, only to be dropped again and again - faster then gravity itself! And you'll never know when it's coming!

The 'Aerosmith Rock N' Roll Roller Coaster' is set in darkened indoor environment representative of 'Tinseltown' (Hollywood, California), but in this case - it’s a whirlwind tour as you speed from 0-60 miles per hour in 2.8 seconds. Complete with the noise of 'screeching tires' and your 'engine revving.' The music of 'Aerosmith' is also there to keep you company during your whirlwind tour. Some of the turns here can reach 4-g's! It's a wild experience!

Tip: If you know that 'thrill rides' are your cup of tea. We suggest that you first get a 'Fast Pass' (in essence, a reservation to ride it again with no waiting in line the second time around), then stand in line and ride it, then return later to ride it again. Involves some coordination with the Disney Studios Park Schedules. But well worth it if you do it right.

For the entire family, there are many rides and shows to choose from at the Disney Studios. And even as these pages are being written, they're adding even more and changing some of them. But for now, here's an abbreviated recap of what's available:

Star Tours - Themed after the Movie 'Star Wars,' you'll first pass through an 'Ewok Village' before entering the corridors of the Main Entrance to the ride. On the way to board your ship, you'll also see some familiar characters from the movie such as C-3PO and R2D2. Not far from here, you'll then taken aboard a Star Speeder for an exciting journey and battle at the Death Star Space Station. Naturally, victory is yours!

Studios Backlot Tour is a fascinating look into Movie and Television productions. You'll also see famous 'props' and 'costumes' from some of the most memorable movies every produced - you're sure to recognize a few! The tour initially begins as a walk thru that culminates into a Tram Tour of the 'Studios Backlot' The tour's climax takes place at 'Catastrophe Canyon,' - a spectacular 'staged' special effect that you become part of. Just like in the Movies, but you're the Star!

The Great Movie Ride - A fascinating journey into the greatest movies of all time. See you favourite characters in a series of animated settings as your own private car takes through a journey into some of the 'Greatest Movie Classics' ever made.

Shows and Productions (all ages):
Jim Henson's Muppet Vision 3D - A zany, crazy show starring Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and all your favourite Muppet Characters!

Bear in the Big Blue House - Although we can't admit to our ever seeing this show, it's billed as a delightful, interactive and musical show.

Voyage of the Little Mermaid - A Disney Favourite based on the 'Little Mermaid.' Follow the adventures of Ariel, Sebastian and Flounder as they eventually escape from Ursula, the great sea witch.

Beauty and the Beast - An unforgettable Broadway-style production of the characters from Beauty and the Beast. Sing along with your Belle, the Beast and Mrs. Potts!

The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Wise cracking Gargoyles and a sweeping musical production is all part of the show that takes place in the Bell Tower of Notre Dame.

Indiana Jones Eric Stunt Spectacular - Without doubt, one of our favourites! Follow Indiana Jones through some of his greatest adventures! Feel the drama and 'Special Effects' that will stimulate most every one of your senses! A great show! And one not to be missed! Parents note: Loud noises and explosions.

Tip: Try to arrive at least 15-20 minutes prior to show to get a good seat. There's only 3-4 shows that are offered throughout the day.

Sounds Dangerous - For those of you that like 'Drew Carey,' you'll like this show starring him as an undercover detective using an uncover camera. But his camera stops midway through the action and eventually you'll hear only his voice only in using the latest sound technology. As they've already billed this - you won't believe your ears! Parents might also note that this is 'darkened environment' which is all part of the effect. This may in fact scare small children.

Tip: 'Sounds Dangerous' is located directly adjacent to the Indiana Jones Stunt Show, it's a good filler if you happen to arrive 30-45 minutes or so prior to the start of the Indiana Jones Stunt Show. It's not a long show and it's continually running. Worked for us a couple of times...The same thing may apply with the nearby 'Star Wars' ride, all depending on whether or not there's a long line there...

Especially for the children:

Honey I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure Playground - With 30 ft giant blades of grass, tunnels and roped areas to climb on. This is a safe, fun environment for the kids to completely run free in. As part of the 'open, yet covered areas' here, several dining outlets are also available where you can sit, relax or just get a bite to eat while also watching the kids. Usually makes a good 'pit stop' after the Disney Studios 'Backlot Tour.' Be sure to check out the 'Roger Rabbit' area, and there's plenty of restrooms too...

Time Needed to Visit: Allow 1,very full, day

Minimum Height Requirements:

48" ( 1.22 Meters) or taller: Aerosmith Rock N' Roll Roller Coaster

40" (1.02 Meters) or taller: Disney's Twilight Tower of Terror, Star Wars


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News FastPass

What is a FastPass?

FastPass was introduced by Disney several years ago to reduce long lines to some of it's most popular attractions.

If you know you're likely to ride the same ride again. We suggest you that you take advantage of this, as some of the most popular attractions at Disney World can reach their peak as to the issuing of these passes as early as 10:00 am. A typical example of this is Epcot Center's 'Test Track'.

Any Park Guest is eligible for this, and it's free! Sort of like making a reservation to come back later, and then 'cutting in front of the lines!'

Note: You can only have one Fast Pass at any one time, banking is not permitted.

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