Holiday Villas, Holiday Homes near Disney World


Holiday Villas, Holiday Homes near Disney World


Holiday Villas, Holiday Homes near Disney World


Great Rates on Holiday Rentals near Disney World

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Highest quality vacation villas, pool homes, condos and town-homes in Florida - right next door to
Walt Disney World
Villa Direct are particularly good for British Visitors.

Magical Memories
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Promotional Rate Code: 'Kiss-192'  gets 10% off all regular 
rates, or 5% off all 'Specials!'

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Villa Direct - Click to Search and Book
Villa Direct - Click to Search and Book

Villa Direct are particularly good for British Visitors. They are Brit owned and really understand what we are looking for in a Villa in Orlando. Highly recommended.

Disney West Maingate, West Coast Villa Rentals...

Holiday Villas near Disney World with Villa Direct. One of the Disney World area's most premier Holiday Homes and Property Management Company. Find a wide selection of Holiday Homes, Townhouses and Villas to accommodate most any family. Stay a couple of nights, or a couple weeks -- it's really your choice.

2 Bedroom, 3 Bedroom, up to 7 Bedroom Holiday Villas - No problem! Find Executive Pool Homes and Holiday Villas near Disney World, all surprisingly affordable, yet many are close enough to hear fireworks each night. The prestigious Formosa Gardens area is only one of the many Holiday Villas that they have in this area. Pick your own home, villa or location. Know before you go, and where you're staying - Go direct, Villa Direct! To learn more about them, click here...

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As a prospective villa renter, you'll find that Condo Savers offers a wide variety of Homes, Condos, Suites, Resorts and Holiday Villas throughout the Orlando area. This just not to include the Walt Disney World Resort area, but also Orlando's other areas such as those suites, hotels, resorts located on Orlando's International Drive near Sea World or the Orlando Convention Center.

You'll have many choices here...

Choose from villas, condos, suites, resorts or any number of area Holiday Homes, which are all generally located in the Walt Disney World Resort area, and usually about 3-5 miles from the Maingate.

As there are many variables to consider here such as choosing a hotel or suite versus a villa, or a vacation home versus a condo, please read each description carefully in order to see what accommodation may best be for you.

To view only 'specific' Disney World Villas, please go to our 'Local Villa Agents' and 'Local Villa Specials' in our Walt Disney World Villa Section that follows...

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Magical Memories
Toll-Free Direct

Ask for the 'Kiss-192' rate.
Note: Only by quoting this rate code will you get the very best prices!

Point here...
Magical Memories - Holiday Villas, Condos and Private Pool Homes near Disney World. There are actually two villa and condo grouping locations that Magical Memories specialize in: Disney West Maingate which offers the newer developments of Emerald Island and Windsor Palms, and just East of Disney, where you'll find some of the area's most popular condo and villa locations such as Island Club, Laguna Bay, Lake Berkley, Royal Oaks, Royal Palm Bay, Sweetwater Club and Villas at Somerset. 

No doubt there's plenty of choices here, and what's more, if you
ask for the Promotional Rate Code: 'Kiss-192' you will get 10% off all Regular Rates, or 5% off all 'Specials!'  rates! Be sure to ask for it! CALL NOW! 1.800.736.0402 and ask for the 'Kiss-192' rate or request it via E-mail at:
Note: Only by quoting this rate code will you get the very best prices!
For British visitors: All of Magical Memories locations are designated 'very close to Walt Disney World' by Villas-In-Orlando staff.

Between US Hwy 192 Mile Markers 5 & 7and 10 & 14

Ask for the Promotional Rate Code: 'Kiss-192' and get 10% off all Regular Rates, or 5% off all 'Specials!' 
Phone 1.800.736.0402 and ask for rate code "Kiss-192".
Note: Only by quoting this rate code will you get the very best prices...



Villa Rental locations are 'zoned' into subdivisions.
In many cases their names have become famous in their own right an synonymous with the Walt Disney World and Orlando area.
To try and simplify the location of the various subdivisions we have devised a system of Portal Pages that cover the most popular subdivision areas off of US Hwy 192 in and around the Main Gate Areas of Walt Disney World.

They are named after the roads of areas they are connected to.

Clermont, Florida
US Hwy 27 North
Davenport, Florida
US Hwy 27 South
Lindfields Florida
US Hwy 192
Formosa Gardens
US Hwy 192
Old Lake Wilson Rd.
US Hwy 192
Davenport, Florida
South of Disney via. Interstate 4
Celebration Ave.
in Celebration, Florida
Polynesian Isles Blvd.
US Hwy 192
Poinciana Blvd.
US Hwy 192
Siesta Lago Dr.
US Hwy 192
Four Winds Blvd.
US Hwy 192
Oren Brown Rd.
US Hwy 192
  Bass Rd.
US Hwy 192

We also have a more comprehensive list of all the area subdivisions on our 'Locations' page, here...


British Visitors



Airport Routes

Flight Arrivals

Flashing Route Maps

British Visitors Driving Guide

Especially important to British Visitors is the location of a Rental Location in relation to the major Theme Parks, (especially) Walt Disney World, and it's (relative) ease of navigation routes from both of the airports...

For these reasons, we have defined a general designation - 'very close'.

'Very close' designates an area that is a few 'easy miles' from the Maingate Entrance of Walt Disney World, that
doesn't rely on using the Freeway.

Many 'Brit Visitors' find it very
difficult to navigate the Freeway (Interstate 4 {I4}) until they are more used to driving in the USA. These properties can all be driven to by using the much quieter SR-417 from either MCO & SFB airports.

Locations are directly linked to US Hwy 192 (the
original corridor in to the Magic Kingdom) and an area packed with Shops and Supermarkets. Taking in the area between Maingate West, thru Maingate East and to Mile Marker 14 (by Wal-Mart, Kissimmee).

Not that other 'further' locations are of lesser (or greater) significance...
But, we feel it is a major part of knowing where you will be staying.

This link will take you to our Top Down Map of Kissimmee US Hwy 192 - Between US Hwy 192 Mile Markers 4 & 14




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