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Wet N Wild Orlando

Wet N Wild has always been known for its signature water rides, no different in the case of Wet N Wild Orlando. There's the 'Thrill Rides' of Blue Niagara, the Bomb Bay, Knee Ski, Der Stuka, Mach 5, Hydra Fighter, the Storm and the Wild One. But there's so much more to this Water Park.

So as the name would imply, you're going to get 'Wet' and it's going to be 'Wild' in the way you do it!

Out of the 3 geographic areas in Orlando, they are actually 4 Water Parks to choose from in the Orlando area: Wet N Wild on International Drive, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach in Lake Buena Vista and the family owned and operated Water Mania in Kissimmee. But to the best of our knowledge, only Wet N Wild is open on a year-round basis. You may want to keep this mind depending on the time of the year you'll be arriving.

Wet n Wild highlights include:

Blue Niagara - Twisting and turning from your starting point of 6 stories above the Park. You'll ultimately end up with a 'Big Splash' at the base of this ride!

The Bomb Bay - Ranked by an Orlando Magazine as Central Florida's greatest thrill ride. You'll enter a 'bomb-like' shell, of which the floor will suddenly drop beneath you plunging you almost vertically for 76 feet! Need we say any more?

Knee Ski - Like Water-Skiing, but instead you're pulled behind a boat on a Knee Board. Offered seasonally, and unique to Wet N' Wild only. Unlimited rides on a half-mile long course and all included in your admission!

Der Stuka - First of the signature thrill rides here. You'll first 'free fall' from a height 6 stories down a 250 ft water slide until you gradually come to a stop on the 115 ft long water runway!

Mach 5 - With 'three' different courses to choose from. Choose your course, thrill to it, and then end up with a 'big Splash' at the bottom!

Hydra Fighter - A unique ride. Here you're seated 'back-to-back' with another Park Guest while all the time regulating the water pressure of each other's water cannons. This all controls how fast, and how far you'll swing!

The Storm - Ever wonder what its like to be 'flushed' down the drain? Here's your chance. Billed as 'swirling body coaster,' the 'all-new' the Storm will give you this opportunity - it's wild!

The Wild One - Have you ever been 'Tubing?' It's a blast! Here you'll be towed behind a wave runner on a giant inner tube. Additional fee required. Seasonal.

A little more mild, but just a little...

The Black Hole - Here you'll be propelled through 500 feet of twisting, turning 'darkness,' and all within 30 seconds! Get the picture?

Bubba Tub -Accommodates 4 as you take the plunge down a 6 story 'triple dip' trip to the bottom of this water slide!

The Flyer - 450 feet of banked curves and speed induced straight-aways, and it all takes place in 8 foot long toboggans!

The Surge - Dropped from 6 story's above, you'll twist and turn through almost 600 feet of banked curves!

For most ages...

Lazy River - A peaceful, relaxing 'float ride' down a mile long winding river. A typical tropical landscape also accompanies you on your journey!

Volleyball - Enjoy some fun in the Florida sun! Here you can experience some friendly competition in one of Florida's most favorite beach games - Volleyball!

The Wave Pool - This area has one of the most powerful wave machines in the area, which now produces even stronger and higher waves!

For the children...

Kid's Park - In many respects, a miniature version of the adult things to do at the Park, but more so designed for children under 48" in height!

Bubble Up - Is an interactive play area for children between 36" to 48" in height. Slippery surfaces, ropes, slides and water guns!

In summary...

Florida is known for its sunshine, and its 'sunburns.' Please take this very seriously and use the appropriate protection for both yourself, and your children (and follow the directions in to how to apply it). We can't think of anything worse than to be walking around the Theme Parks in such a state. Not a fun way at all to spend a couple of days on holiday.

Time Needed to Visit: Allow 1 Day

Tickets : See our Orlando Attraction Tickets Pages (
in conjunction with our partner; Travel Affiliates) for more information and to buy your tickets - here...

There are other options too such as the Orlando 4-Park Flex Ticket that gives you unlimited admission here for 14 consecutive days during your visit. It's a great place to 'cool off' on a typical Florida day. See our 'Universal Tickets Explained' Pages for more information on this type of ticket.

Minimum Height Requirements:

56" 1.4m or taller: Knee Ski, Hydra Fighter, the Wild one

48" 1.22m or taller: Blue Niagara, Bomb Bay, Der Stuka, the Storm

Riders 36" 0.9m to 48" 1.22m must be accompanied with a person at least 48" 1.22m at the following rides: - the Black Hole, Bubba Tub, the Flyer, the Surge



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