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Busch Gardens, Tampa

As Disney found out with it's newest addition to its fleet of Theme Parks, Animal Kingdom. There's only so much that you can do with a Theme Park themed around 'live animals.' Busch Gardens is certainly no different, and after all, they were the first to venture into this type of Theme Park...

Billed 'From Wildlife to Wild Rides,' at Busch Gardens you're sure to find some very distinct and different areas including a dizzying array of 'world-renowned' roller coasters, water rides or the 'live' animal exhibits of the Serengeti Plains. So in sense, we might best describe Busch Gardens as a combination of things: part Amusement Park, part Theme Park, part Water Park and part Zoo...

Over the years Busch Gardens has added many things, as once upon a time, Busch Gardens was simply known for either Roller Coasters or their Animals Exhibits - those were basically your choices. But things have changed considerably (they always do, right?) as they now offer the following rides, shows and exhibits as part of the main highlights here:

Water Rides

Tanganyika Tidal Wave - Enjoy a peaceful jungle journey aboard your 20-passenger boat which all climaxes with a sudden plunge down a 55-foot drop! You're sure to get soaking wet on this one!

Stanley Falls - Just like 'Splash Mountain' at Disney's Magic Kingdom Theme Park in the Orlando area, here you'll board a 'Log Flume' water ride that takes you through a journey that's sure to end with a 'Big Splash!'

Roller Coasters

Kumba - Described as a 'blood curling' thrill ride, we would have to agree with this assessment from our personal experience. Plunging, twisting and spiraling, you'll actually experience 'weightlessness' as part of your journey!

Montu - One of tallest, 'floorless' Roller Coasters in the World! Vertical loops and speeds in excess of 60 miles per hour. All topped off with a G-force of 3.85!

Gwazi - A blast from the past! Gwazi is the Southeast's largest and fastest 'wooden roller coaster!' More like a bobsled with 7,000 feet of track!

Python - Just like the name would imply - A twisting, turning 'double spiraling' corkscrew combined with a 70 foot plunge just to get you started!

Scorpion - Terrifying drops and loops, and all at incredible speeds!

Other Attractions:

King Tut's Tomb (a realistic replica of the Boy King's Tomb, which was excavated in the the early 1920's), Serengeti Railway (a leisurely encounter with Busch Garden's famed 'free-roaming' herds of African Animals. Makes several stops through the Park), Skyride (get a 'bird's-eye' view of Busch Gardens from a vantage point high above the Park. Takes you from one end of Busch Gardens to the other), Rhino Rally (an 'off road' adventure that allows you to get up close and personal with some of the African Animals featured here), Edge of Africa (a 'safari' experience billed as one of the most intense ones that you'll find outside of Africa!), Myombe Reserve (a lush forest environment where you'll be able to view gorillas and chimpanzees in a realistic, naturalistic setting), Serengeti Plain (really the centerpiece of the Park. Can be experienced in several different ways: by Skyride, by Railway, by Safari or by Walkways - It's sure to be one of your highlights here!), R.L Stine's Haunted Lighthouse (newest of the attractions added in 2003. State-of-the-art 3D 'Special effects' combined with multi-sensory surprises!).

For The Children Only

Land of Dragons - A 3-story tall tree house, an enchanted forest and a variety of rides and slides.

In Summary:

If you've ever wanted to visit Africa, Busch Gardens is probably the closest you'll ever get, as throughout the Park, most everything, most every ride is themed (or named) around something, somewhere or someone related to the 'Dark Continent.' More than a Zoo, more than an Amusement Park, Busch Gardens can be a delightful day for most any age. Figure on about a 1 Hour drive from the Walt Disney World Resort Area. Then head west on Interstate 4 (I-4) towards Tampa (just follow the signs as you begin to enter the Tampa Area). Most Orlando hotels will have the Busch Gardens Brochure in their lobby, which also includes detailed instructions of how to get there.

Time Needed to Visit: 1 Very Full Day

Minimum Height Requirements:

54" (1.37m) or taller: Kumba, Montu

48" (1.22m) or taller: Tanganyika Tidal Wave, Gwazi, Python

42" (1.07m) or taller: Congo River Rapids, Scorpion


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